• Stephanie Drax

A Session with Psychic Amaryllis Fraser

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

After I’d interviewed Amaryllis Fraser for Her Story on being a psychic, I was intrigued. I’m left-of-centre on this stuff – open to the possibility but needing some concrete evidence for proof. The article provoked a range of reactions from friends and blog followers – wide-eyed wonderment, fear, ridicule. The general statement being: “Is she for real??” There was only one way to find out, so I booked a session with her for myself.

She arrived at my house a little early, so we had time to chat over lunch first. She’s gorgeous and laid-back glamorous – just what you’d expect from a former model – and very easy to talk to. I’d spent the week feeling a little freaked out (always punctuated with a healthy dose of eye-rolling at myself) but she was so friendly that any nervous or cynical thoughts evaporated. No Twilight Zone theme tune here.

I asked her a question that I’d wanted an answer to, and Amaryllis told me to begin recording the session on my iPhone. She spoke as naturally and softly as she had done before, but now without any eye contact (looking me in the eyes would “ground her too much”, she said.) Ideas came slowly and steadily to her, things that were curiously familiar to me. Of course, I said nothing to give away as little as possible – that’s the suspicious journalist in me - but within the first five minutes I’d recognised some truths.

She asked me to shuffle some ornate-looking cards (sceptics: this is the only ‘hokey’ accessory involved) and she “tuned in” to the spirit world. I shuffled, wondering how to systematically choose the most fate-favouring cards. Amaryllis closed her eyes and laughed a little; she said spirits were already talking in her ear.

As I squinted to see something in the nothingness around her, Amaryllis told me things that could transpire over the next few years. She powered through predictions seemingly quick-fired at her by voices, and at times she was slightly baffled by the messages and visuals she was getting (some of which, to me, made perfect sense). I sat opposite, eyes narrowed, as details spilt out from the ‘spirits’ she was listening to.

Before the session, I’d been adamant that I didn’t want to discuss my children, but Amaryllis did point out some of their specific character traits. It made me laugh to hear her talk about some of their habits and quirks. She gave insight on how to understand them better – advice that could honestly have come from any experienced mother who’s gone through toddlerdom and the terrible twos – and it somehow felt reassuring.

After an hour, the session finished. Amaryllis left and I ruminated on the detail of what she’d said – much of it wildly positive. Was any of it likely to come true? I certainly hoped so… but only time can really tell.