• Rowan Evans

Expert tips for a festive home

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and I for one have already fully decorated my home. I just love this time of year and want to max out the time I spend gazing at my tree.

But how much is too much? And what is the best way to spread the Christmas look around your home, beyond the traditional Christmas tree?

We spoke to interiors specialist, Vanessa Arbuthnott about how to add a festive touch to each room in your house, and asked her four tips for some extra Christmas sparkle.


For many people, the way to their heart is through their stomach – so therefore the kitchen is the heart of any home. Between cooking the all-important turkey and taking the pigs in blankets out of the oven, the kitchen is a high-traffic space that should get the decorative joy it deserves:

1)  For a subtle look style your Christmas plates and bowls with an assortment of ornaments from the tree.

2)  Even though the traditional tree sits in the living room, it doesn’t mean the kitchen can’thave one!

3)  For a clutter free look, hang festive garlands from the ceiling.

4)  For a more natural and understated holiday vibe, look to decorate the kitchen with

ingredients such as pinecones, cinnamon, acorns and dried fruit. Place them in a bowl for a natural festive feel.


Where you wake up on Christmas morning should look seasonal, so make the festive period more special by taking the decorations upstairs:

1)  You can dress your headboard with a fresh garland of foliage, plus the fragrance will soothe you to sleep. Just be sure to secure it properly so it doesn’t fall off during the night.

2)  Your bedside tables can easily be spruced up with a few festive decorations. Either tie red ribbons on the handles of your wardrobe or drawers or simply drape tinsel over the bed frame.

3)  If you are set against having a Christmas tree in your room, consider a miniature box tree. They look super chic wrapped in fabric and placed on your bedside table.

4)  Make a temporary feature wall in your bedroom with a cluster of oversized paper snowflakes, you can even suspend them from the ceiling! They also look great teamed with fairy lights.

Living Room

The living room is the most traditional room to create Christmas ambience. Whether you opt for traditional or modern theme are many decorations which you can pick:

1)  Berry wreaths and garlands add a warm essence of colour to a natural and elegant design, they look perfect just above and on the mantelpiece.

2)  To sport the minimalist home, opt for simple and geometric décor. White metal trees and triangular table features make for an understatedly festive treat.

3)  Fresh branches and fresh pinecones will bring the traditional charm of winter wonderland indoors.

4)  Layer the cosiness with extra blankets and cushions. Look out for Christmassy designs in keeping with your furniture and tree for an effortlessly coordinated room.


Most people do forget about their bathroom when they are decorating for the festive season, but you can let it be a festive place:

1)  Christmas wreaths can be hung up on walls or doors and above the toilet! The most traditional wreaths for the bathroom are small and are mostly made of flowers, red berry and evergreen plants.

2)  Cute Christmas towels make an adorable statement either handcrafted, novelty based or simple red and green.

3)  Candles with berries are an essential element, they create a warm ambient glow and bring the traditional ‘silent night’ atmosphere. Ones with scents or scent oil candle will transform your bathroom into a warm spirt of joy.

4)  Deck you shower curtains! Yes really, if you have a few extra ornaments hang them along your shower curtain rings for a little cheer.

For more interiors advice from Vanessa, for the festive period and beyond, visit her site www.vanessaarbuthnott.co.uk