• Rowan Evans

FoundHer: Chloe Morris of Edible Stories

Doing what we do, you can imagine that we often say to ourselves, 'I wish I had thought of that', some ideas are so obviously brilliant that we could kick ourselves not spotting it sooner. But every now and then we come across a brand or an idea that is just such a stroke of genius that we have to concede, we would never thought of such a unique proposition. Edible Stories,an events agency that brings client launches to life through the narrative of food, is one such idea. So, instead of wishing we had come up with it, we took time out with the brand's incredible founder Chloe Morris, to learn more about this inspired venture. 

What do you do? What is your business?

I’m the founder and Creative Director it Edible Stories.

Edible Stories is a creative events agency which focused on immersive storytelling through food. We develop the concepts in-house and then outsource all of the catering and production to our preferred suppliers. And we oversee the entire process.

What does your typical day look like?

Wake up around 7am to get the 8am train out of my local station. I then have a 1.30 journey to work.

The day usually starts with a WIP (work in progress meeting) where we share ongoing and new projects with the team and bounce ideas off of each other.

Usually then am working on new concepts for the rest of the day, with briefing meetings every time a new client or project comes in.  

I leave the office around 6pm.

My husband is usually the one who cooks for me, and then we enjoy a no phone dinner together followed by some tv.

What is/are your biggest success/es to date?

I was recently asked to develop a range of edible spa treatments for a luxury hotel in the Maldives and I think this is such a wild card project but then again being able to develop this and have my name associated to the hotel and to a range of products is a great achievement.

A more personal success, is having found someone to share the crazy ride with.

Which tools can't you live without?

Indesign! I create all of my templates for mood boards and pitches on here. But I’ve recently started to work on keynote which is also a great alternative and almost a winner because you don't actually need to save all the linked images!

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years time?

My mission for Edible Stories was never to grow it into a multimillion dollar business it was something that I enjoyed doing at a small-scale. I’ve now entered into that next phase of my career as a Creative Experience Director for a company called Indulgewhere I’m using my unique skill set to create experiences for a more exclusive market. My ideas 5 year scenario is to be heading up a team of creatives where we develop once in a lifetime experiences worldwide.

What would you tell your younger self at the beginning of your career?

Never give up!

Is there anything you’ve had to sacrifice for your career?

Living close to family and friends.

Do you have any tips for new founders?

Surround yourself with good people, always test your ideas on people within your industry and they will give you the best feedback and also be part of your journey = great additions to your black book.

Finally, what quote do you live by?

When I started the company I changed the phrase of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' to a dish is worth a thousand words. This inspires me every day to think bigger and tell more interesting stories through the experiences I create.

You can learn more about what Chloe does, or book her for your next event by visiting www.ediblestoriesevents.com