• Rowan Evans

Getting the most out of social media, personally and professionally

Social media – love it or hate it, it is a phenomena that shows no signs of fading. Almost everyone I know uses it to some extent on a daily basis, and while it can be a force for good, forging connections and providing inspiration, it can also be a time drain and detrimental to your sense of self. So how do you get the most out of social, without any of the side effects? We spoke to Social Media Consultant, Louisa Rose, of LNPR, for an expert view on all things social. 

Louisa, social media is career for you? What does your job involved?

I work with brands to help them grow their social media audiences in a meaningful and genuine way. I love seeing brands new to a platform connect with their target audiences authentically (no bots allowed!) but social also has a bad reputation for the impact it can have on mental health. Given my own personal interest in all things mental health, I’ve been particularly interested in this topic.

I think we can all relate to social having an impact on our mindset, how do you mitigate that?

It’s something I could talk for days about but if I had to summarise I’d say that there are two main areas of social that can affect our mental health negatively. If we are aware of them then we can hopefully manage our social accounts in a way that still helps our businesses grow but that doesn’t allow it to become detrimental to our health.

The first is the amount of time we spend on social. I’m guilty of picking up my phone way too much in one day. So I bought a notepad. Sounds a bit random given the digital world we live and work in but writing down lists etc on paper rather than in my phone means my phone is less in my hand. And how’s this for an epiphany; the less my phone is my hand = the fewer times I open my social apps. I know, I know. Mind blown, right?!

The second is how much we compare ourselves to others we see on social media. This one is harder. There is more judgement on social, yes. The idea that a post does well if it gets a lot of likes, comments etc is obviously a recipe for a self esteem disaster. But the thing I’ve found about social, especially on Instagram, is that aside from the hundreds of millions of users to compare ourselves to, there are also some incredibly supportive communities out there. The beauty of Instagram particularly is that it creates connections with other like minded humans. You just have to find the right tribe. So it might not possible to avoid certain types of content that prompts us to compare ourselves but maybe if we reinforce the good connections on Instagram, we’ll just scroll past it.

And what about professionally? How do you advise women in business to use social media?

I’ve written a few steps to help founders maximise their brand’s social media growth.

1. Content is key. Create exceptional content that entertains, engages and educates

2. Use appropriate hashtags – too general and your content gets lost in the crowd; too specific and your visibility isn’t maximised. Find community tags – tags that are being used by like minded users to connect with like minded audiences.

3. Content bank – make sure your content bank is always topped up with created content (owned by you) and curated content (externally sourced) Plan shoot days to create enough content to see you through the next month or so.

4. Scheduling (always sounds more daunting that it is) – Use a third party platform like Hootsuite to manage your social channels. Give yourself half a day once a week to begin with, moving to once a month once you get the hang of it. If your content banks are always topped up, scheduling content becomes a more efficient exercise. Remember to check in on your schedule regularly, no-one wants a scheduled post about the sunshine to go live on a day when its raining cats and dogs.

5. Engage, engage, engage – social is a two way street. Engage with other users and their content and remember to show your own audience some love.

How could a founder get more info about the services you offer?

If anyone has any questions, fire them over to me at louisa@louisanicolepr.com, I always love a good chin wag about social. Or come and find me on Instagram @theo_and_i.