• Stephanie Drax

Her Story: Amaryllis Fraser on Psychic Healing

Amaryllis Fraser has built a reputation as a credible psychic who gives readings of astonishing accuracy. She has been working with private clients for twenty years, using her skills as a medium, clairvoyant and healer, and is often guided by spirits.

When I was 19 I suffered a very serious car crash. I skidded on black ice, spun three times, and landed upside down on a hedge that ripped the roof off. I had a bad concussion, slept for a long time, and was picking tarmac out of my face for three months. Then, I started having ‘experiences’. I thought I was going mad: I knew what was going to happen before it happened. I kept seeing odd visions of people that other people couldn’t see. I could hear things in my head – not like a thought, but like someone talking my right ear…and, not in my voice.

The voices were saying, “Can you help me? I’m dead and I want to talk to my parents – can you help me?” Sometimes I would see them standing right there, with blood on them. I was terrified. My parents thought I was having a breakdown; the doctors thought it was post-traumatic stress disorder.

Every time I’d see the visions I’d do something else, like focus on cooking. I tried to shut it off, but it wasn’t really working. I took a teaching diploma (before the accident, I’d been a model) and while I was teaching strange things happened. I believe that all kids are very sensitive up until the age of about 7, and the kids at this school knew that I had psychic powers before I did. One child came up to me and said, “There’s an angel and she’s always behind your shoulder.” She pointed to the right side, which is the intuitive side. Another said, “My granny died, can we talk to her?” And one little boy wanted me to borrow his watch as he said I’d need it - half an hour later my watch fell off my wrist and smashed, so I did borrow his watch.

There were other unusual events. I had a vision one night that my mother was going to burn her face the next day, and I even called her to warn her. The oven blew up, and she did burn her face. I was living with a boyfriend in the year after my accident and chose not to go to the shops with him. His car crashed and the passenger side was crushed right up to the gear stick. He was fine but I would have died instantly.

A teaching colleague suggested I go and have healing with her mum, and that’s when I finally learned what was going on. I went reluctantly. I was lying on the bed in the room when suddenly a male ghost appeared, dressed in a lumberjack shirt and corduroy trousers. He said: “My name is John and I died of cancer 4 months ago. I need you to tell her something from me.” I thought to myself, that’s it - I’m schizophrenic. He took another step forward, and said: “I dare you.”

So I told the healer who he was and that he wanted to say thanks because she was helping his wife through the grief of his death. She was stunned. She talked to me for a long time about my experiences to this point and told me I was hypersensitive.

She said that I have mediumship and clairvoyance, am clairsentient and clairaudient (I can feel and hear ghosts), that I’m a healer through psychic surgery (the body talks to me) and that I’m in tune with past life regression (I see people’s past lives and how it relates to this life). “You have all these gifts,” she said, “and you’re going to work with them and be a psychic.” I ended up being guided by her.

It’s not an easy thing to live with. Every time I walk along Ladbroke Grove in London car alarms go off and lights explode. I can hear what couples are thinking and are about to say to each other. I can even hear people talking rubbish to themselves! I block it all out and I now use my energy for my work.

My great-great-grandfather was Sir Gerald Balfour and he founded the Psychic Research Society in 1806. The day I walked into the college of Psychic Studies a book fell out onto the floor. I picked it up and read the page that it opened on and it said that my grandfather had founded the society - and I didn’t know. According to my granny, he didn’t have the gift but was fascinated by it.

His daughter 'came through' to me once and explained exactly how it works. She said that the different dimensions are a form of collective consciousness, that there are different lineages of time and that our consciousnesses move. “We’re not ghosts,” she said, “We’re leaving imprints of our collective consciousness in different time zones and in different spaces in time.” I think everyone is psychic – it’s just having awareness and tuning it to what you can’t see or hear. The more open we are about feelings and intuition, the more we become aware on another level.

One of the parents at the school I was teaching at was Georgia Coleridge, the wife of Sir Nicholas Coleridge (the President of Condé Nast International). She said, “Try a reading on me,” so my first reading was for her. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was feeling all this stuff - and her grandfather came through. Later, to a model I’d worked with, I said, “Your dad – who I believe is dead - keeps saying ‘Chicklet’ to me.” She burst into to tears. That was his nickname for her.

My brain isn’t involved when I’m channelling. I’m talking from a higher form of consciousness - the angelic realm or the higher self of the person I’m with. If you asked me: how does this happen? I can’t answer the question. I just believe that everybody is able to have this ability and some people are supposed to have this journey in life. My young daughter is incredibly intuitive, too, and can recall my experiences. She says, “Did you dream about so-and-so last night?” and she’s right. Or, “Stop thinking about so-and-so while you’re reading me a bedtime story!” She’s told me she doesn’t like crowds as she can feel negatives within them, so I teach her exercises to manage it.

I carried on teaching until the spirits arrived and said I had to quit. They said I had to work with the spirit world full time - that it was my path - and weirdly, I just trusted them. I started doing private sessions for people twenty years ago and it snowballed from week one. I’ve seen thousands of people over the years, and some are repeat clients.

When I first started it was mediumship, and I tend to do much less of that now; it’s mainly psychic work. I also tend to be quite a diagnostic - I might say that they need to see an osteopath, a nutritionist, or an acupuncturist. I might heal people with fertility problems, people who are grieving, or someone asking questions about career and pathway.

Often my clients are high profile and need to make choices - like actors who need to make decisions on which scripts to go with. A spirit might tell me that they should accept a particular job because there’s mass abundance there, but I say to all my clients: this is a form of guidance, I am not telling you what to do. And I never know what I’m going to say when I start a session.

Last week I was doing a lot of property, called space clearing. I’ll see and hear things and be told what to do by spirits. I went to a house once with Reuters news network accompanying me, and the producer thought it was all nonsense. We went into the house and it smelled of ammonia. We stood in the corridor and all the doors opened and closed on their own. The guy ran out of the building! I told him that these are energies - they’re not happy and are trying to get my attention. I cleared them.

I do believe you‘ll be reunited with people. When my father died he came through quite quickly afterwards. Now he’ll sit in the car and say “You’ll need to slow down there’s going to be a speed camera!” Even my daughter says, “Grandpa says you’re driving too fast.” One client of mine wanted to communicate with her mother who had died. I told her to go to the doctor as she had a black shadow on her lung (though not to worry as she would be fine.) She was diagnosed with lung cancer, but they got it early – this was 15 years ago. Things like that happen quite a bit.

On a final note, I would say to people you can create much of what you would like through your thought process. It’s how you create it visually – it’s about manifesting, listening to those higher vibrations, and knowing what’s best for yourself.

Amaryllis is also an artist and has merged her healing into her artwork. She has amalgamated the two worlds by using crystals as the centrepieces of her work. Some of her clients request a bespoke service, catering to specific areas of their lives that may need healing energy. Each piece is unique and different stones hold different uses. Amaryllis empowers each artwork with an intention throughout her creative process so that it carries the full benefit of her healing energy. Prices are available on application. www.amaryllisfraser.co.uk