• Stephanie Drax

Magnet Mouse: baby-changing in seconds

If you’re faced with a room that’s had an upchuck of toys at the end of each day and you know your little angels are not partial to tidying, then I share in your sorrow. It’s those obnoxiously small bits of Lego and strewn puzzle pieces that really get me down. If only I had a separate playroom then I would gleefully shut the door on it, but I don’t. So, on my hands and knees I go...

These are the times I ache for some Mary Poppins movie magic, or for a 21st-century toy-tidying app. I appeal to anyone to make the mundane aspects of motherhood easier and quicker…and I’ve recently come across one such person. She’s not promising to neutralize a nuclear blast of plastic paraphernalia in the nursery, but her little invention will help new mothers claw back precious seconds from a repetitive routine.

Magnet Mouse is a British clothing brand for babies that does away with fiddly fastenings, buttons and poppers. Each of their romper suits is made with clever magnets that snap together in an instant. So, once the babygrow is on, it practically pulls itself together. Genius.

This saves cumulative hours trying to match the right poppers with each other, particularly on a shouty, wriggling babe (although admittedly my husband - 6’3, large hands - found poppers a pain to do up even on a non-wriggling babe). It’s also a brilliant device for when you need to change a sleeping bub quickly and quietly. Or when you - octopus woman – need to change a baby one-handed.

The magnets are thin yet powerful, and beautifully hidden within soft 100% cotton. The small Magnet Mouse collection features babygrows (£19.95) and body suits (£15) with a clutch of delicate designs inspired by mice, feathers, dragonflies and dandelions. Each one is made with a chic peter pan collar - the finishing touch over a cardi. They’ve got substance – and style. And when you buy them as a gift, they arrive in a pretty muslin bag with a teal satin tie and card.

Mouse Allen is the brain behind the brand. When she thought of the idea, she didn’t have kids, but now she’s a first time mum to a newborn she’s reaping the benefits herself. “The company strapline is ‘cuddles not struggles’, and it’s so true!” she says, “I designed the Magnet Mouse range to help my busy friends, but now that I am a mummy myself, I see them as essential.”

Magnet Mouse; 020 7525 9638; www.magnetmouse.co.uk