• Stephanie Drax

Mother's Day - Cartoons To Make You Cry (With Laughter)

In the early days of motherhood, there were times when I felt overwhelmed, overworked, overmilked, overtired. And just when I was on the cusp of weeping with self-pity, I'd get a message from my sister with one of Cathy Thorne's cartoons. Always so simple, always so true - Cathy's cartoons would nail it every time.

They'd make me laugh out loud just when I thought I might lose it, but even more importantly they'd remind me that every other mother on the planet has felt what I was feeling in some iteration or other. So, if you've ever rounded the corner at home to find your child has pulled every tissue out of the box, or if you've left the smalls at home to meet a friend and are shaking with the ecstasy of being free, free, FREE for an hour, then these might mean something to you too.

Even if it is shouted at shocking decibels with alarming, inexhaustible repetition, there is no better feeling in the world than hearing "mummy, mummy, mummy!!!" Here are some of our favourite Cathy Thorne cartoons to make you smile this Mother's Day, and if you like what you see you can find more at Everyday People Cartoons.