• Rowan Evans

The Instagram women inspiring us in 2020

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

New year. Same you. We are old enough, and have seen enough bursts of January enthusiasm fizzle and die by the 1st of February, to know that trying to reinvent yourself at the turn of the year is entirely pointless. 

Instead, we like to just spend January thinking of what the year ahead could look like and get inspired by small and practical changes we can make. 

This year, our Instagram feeds seem full of smart, savvy women who are doing the same. From targetting more self-care to buying less, we are frankly hanging on the word of a few insta fab women who we think reflect what we are hoping to achieve this year. 

So, in true Storytellhers style, we are sharing them with you. 

In need of a bit of a health overhaul in 2020?

@jodiebrandman is the girl for you. Jodie is a no-nonsense nutritional therapist on a mission to sort out us out. I love what Jodie has to say about hormones, it all makes such sense and her sensible approach to improving our health via balanced nutrition is far from the same old same old. Think you have heard it all before? Check out Jodie's insta feed and be inspired. 

Tired of worrying about everything and pleasing everyone but yourself?

Join the club - and check out @annamathur for a professional and personal insight into anxiety. Anna is a wonder mama with a truly moving back story. A trained psychotherapist, Anna knows what she is talking about when it comes to worrying and people-pleasing. And she packages it all up on insta in a hilarious and relatable way. I have done her courses, pre-ordered her upcoming book and I basically shout at my phone every time she posts, because she literally speaks my mind. We are hoping to speak to Anna a little later in the year but until then insta-meet her and thank us later. 

Want to have a little more fun this year?

We have spoken to @mrshaywrardhere on Storytellhers before, but this sheer force of nature deserves a mention as a true 2020 inspriration. Lorna is the brains behind Pizzup, the female-focused party night for women who just need a night off. You don't need to be a mum, you don't need to have a massive girl gang, you don't even need to drink alcohol - this is super inclusive night for girls who want to have fun. She has just released the next date, April 2nd, so follow Lorna for updates on a night not to be missed. 

Planning or having a baby this year?

@TheModernMidwifeif your one-stop-shop. Non-preachy, real life advice from the coalface of all things baby. There is a tonne of birth-related Instagram content out there, but I really like the way Marie drip-feeds factual info about pregnancy and birth alongside inspiring anecdotes from other women. If you are a first time mum I would suggest her account is helpful as she keeps it real, while not focussing overly on the negatives. Enjoy and good luck. 

Want a stylish new year without costing the earth?

Meet @Charliepresents- vintage clothing expert and founder of @cccretivewardrobe Charlie Collins is committed to sustainable fashion, encouraging us all to make space and create. Her Instagram feed is packed full of colorful ways to shop smarter and dress better, and she really has inspired us to consider where are how we shop. So if like us you are doing a January wardrobe detox, then Charlie is the insta inspiration you need. 

These are just a few of the amazing women who are inspiring us at the start of 2020, showing us that small changes can actually have the biggest impact. Happy new year, and happy old you.