• Stephanie Drax

The Secrets of a Stylist

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Wardrobe Consultant Nicola Fleming rifled through my clothes recently and left me dazzled by her styling skills. She's back to share with Storytellhers her Golden Rules for any woman with a wardrobe (psssss...that's YOU!)


Do spend time sorting your wardrobe once a season minimum. It will save you time and money in the long run, so ask a friend (or me!) to help you make decisions on whether to keep or ditch.

Keep a ‘To Buy’ list in your phone for each season to keep you focused when out shopping or browsing online.

My rule when shopping is if I’m not wearing it tomorrow (unless it’s for a special occasion or a holiday) then put it down. You don’t need it or love it enough!

Always have a spring/summer wardrobe and an autumn/winter wardrobe. Store the one that’s out of season in large blanket bags under the bed - you will have more room in your wardrobe and be able to see your clothes better.

Thin velvet hangers, perspex storage boxes, clear blanket bags and scarf hangers are well worth the initial spend and will keep your wardrobe organised without too much effort.

If it’s peeled, bobbled, snagged or has been attacked by moths, put it in the bin regardless of how much you love it.


Tanks in black, white and cream to go under clothes when they are too transparent or you are too cold.

Sandals in black and brown for summer.

Loved and treasured black boots for the winter.

A pair of fashion trainers.

Updated jeans in black, grey, and blue.

Classic cream and black knitwear.

Nicola is a wardrobe wizard/consultant. Her styling services cost £80 per hour and she is offering Storytellhers readers a 20% discount if they book a 3-hour session before the 15th September 2018. www.nicolafleming.com