• Stephanie Drax

Turning the Tide (and Saving Marine Life) - We Love Travel Mugs

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

We like it when a drop of legislation creates a wave for the good. When the 5p charge was introduced, single use plastic bags fell by 86% in the UK. And campaigners have now set their sights on plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups. Although they often look like they’re recyclable, over one million disposable coffee cups end up in landfill every year (and eventually in our oceans). So, if you’re like us at Storytellhers and you need a caffeine fix every day, it’s time to find yourself a flask. We’ve sourced the best-looking reusable mugs (it’s a new accessory after all, right?) that are leak proof, so no one has a spill in their satchel on their daily commute.

Hydro Flask Coffee

A proper old-school stainless steel flask that won’t spill no matter how much you bump it around (er, just make sure you close the lid properly!). If you like it hot, then you’ll be happy to hear this will keep your coffee piping for up to 6 hours. It’s BPA and phthalates free too (chemicals used for storage containers that can leach harmful toxins.)

Contigo – Autoseal West Loop

This sturdy number is leak and spill proof, and the double-wall promises 7 hours of hot beverage – so, holding up to 16oz of coffee, it could see you through the entire day. You can manoeuvre it one-handed, just at the push of a button (which then locks when you’ve stopped sipping.) The top bit can get shoved into the dishwasher, while the stainless steel body needs handwashing, and this flask comes with a lifetime guarantee (my buddy - who has also has two boys - is constantly dropping hers, and she's amazed it's stood the test of time).

Camelbak – Forge 12oz

Rowan raves about her Camelbak being completely and utterly leak proof. It's got a clever self-sealing cap/lever that lets you drink one-handed, and it's double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot for 6 hours. Made of BPA-Free ABS, it’s lightweight but can handle hot drinks up to 90⁰C - and its got an impact cap that prevents dents or cracks if you drop it (not that sure-handed Rowan ever does, of course!)

Sip by S’well – Paparazzi Travel

Claiming to keep your coffee hot for 12 hours (and drinks cold for 24 hours) you could Sip by S’well throughout the day. The top is a leak-free snap shut mechanism to stop spills, and the flask is made of BPA-free, double-walled, insulated stainless steel. Steph swears by her Sip by S’well water bottle too, but be warned that these beauties are not dishwasher proof!


Three busy New Yorker dads - used to pushing a stroller while sipping a coffee - came up with this genius idea for a foldable cup. The 5-inch cup – which has a lid and a heat sleeve - collapses into a 1.75-inch leak-proof disk, which means it’s so small you can slip it into your pocket. We love the kaleidoscope of bright colours they come in, too.