• Rowan Evans

We Love: Gifting 'Elevated Basics'

Have you ever been stuck for a birthday present for a friend, or unsure of the best hostess gift to take to a dinner party? So often we feel the recipient has everything they need, and filling their closets with yet more accessories or trinkets that they won't use, or love, just seems wasteful.

A few years ago I made the decision to. move away from pointless gifts such as this, and buy my friends 'elevated basics' - items that we all use, and they will need, but bought with a little more care, love and attention to style than we would usually devote when buying them ourselves.

What am I talking about? What is a basic, well it could be anything from a guest towel, to an apron, hand soap to olive oil - everyday items that routinely pick up in the supermarket, but when bought with style in mind, can become one of the most treasured items in our homes.

Below are a few of the elevated basics I have either given or recived in the past few months - thoughtful and luxe, without breaking the bank or wasting money on unwanted items.

Apron - £17.99 H&M Home

Pencils - £15.00 Katie Leamon

Hand Soap - £4.00 The Conran Shop

Olive Oil - £29.99 Daylesford Organic

Room Spray - £37.00 Aesop

Napkins - £2,99 Marimekko

Tea - Matcha £25.00 Fortnum and Mason

Hand Towel - £14.99 Zara Home