• Rowan Evans

We Love: Our January Reading List

As part of my mission to 'go slow' this January, I have been compiling a list of inspirational books that I am working my way through. I am more of a non-fiction fan, as I want to use any down time that I do have available to expand my mind and learn something new.

This month's list covers a host of new titles on everything from working motherhood to home organisation. The only issue is finishing one book before the excitement to move on to the next takes over!!

The Mother of All Jobs - Christine Armstrong

I devoured this book over the Christmas break, it is a must read for any working mother, or indeed any women considering how they may or may not balance a career and children in the future. Christine draws on her own personal experience of trying to maintain her working life while being the best mother she can be, and the book speaks to a range of women who share their own journey and concerns. As a working mummy, this book really spoke to me. There is no right answer, but Christine's skilful writing makes us realise we are not alone in trying to strike the best possible balance.

An Edited Life - Anna Newton

If like me you find yourself compelled to do a new year clear out of just about everything in your home, inspired by instagram accounts such as TheLifeEdit and Horderly, then this book is for you. From decluttering your wardrobe, to your diary, YouTube star Anna's book is something of a bible of organisation, presented in a manageable guide to streamlining all aspects of your life. I have just started this book, but it's already had me clearing cupboards and reviewing how I fit exercise and me time in to my life. No lectures or drastic action needed, just a simple guide to focusing on what you really need and want in life.

Just Eat It - Laura Thomas PhD

I am not one for diets, but I have been switched on to intuitive eating since speaking to the amazing Danni from Chachi Power Project back in 2018. Intuitive eating, as I understand it, isn't about denying your appetite or your tastebuds, instead its about listening to what your body needs and enjoying food. This isn't something that comes that hard to me anyway, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am looking forward to reading what qualified nutritionist, Laura suggests and once and for all having permission to ignore diet culture and make choices about my own nutrition based on professional advice. So if you are wrestling with a diet based resolution, this book could be for you.

The Freelance Mum - Annie Ridout

Another mum based one (it's kind of our go to) I was first introduced to Annie Ridout a few years ago via her hugely powerful blog The Early Hour, an honest account of motherhood and life in general. Annie has since carved out a niche in the freelance sector, on a mission to show mothers it can be done and that walking away from a restrictive 9-5 (who are we even kidding, it's always more like 8-8) and find a life that works for you and your family is possible. I think of my career more as a portfolio than freelance, but the pressures to balance a range of roles, not least motherhood, are still very much there, so this book feels as though it was written for me. I just can't wait to get started. Thanks Annie!!!

Kiko - Kiko Matthews

The full title of this book is Kiko - How to break the Atlantic rowing record after brain surgery, and that should really tell you all you need to know. This is the amazing story of a truly inspirational friend of mine, Kiko Matthews, who smashed the solo Atlantic rowing record last year after twice recovering from life saving brain surgery to treat her Cushings Disease. We have spoken to Kiko before here on Storytellhers, and her story never gets any less compelling. If you are in need of some serious inspiration this new year, or just want to hear more from this remarkable lady, then I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is even making me want to set myself a challenge for 2019, and that is saying something!!!