• Rowan Evans

We Love: The 6 Essentials - Luxury Gift Boxes for Pregnant Women

We have all heard of the fabled 'pregnancy glow', but for many women those special nine months are not memorable for their glow-giving properties. In fact, for many pregnancy can leave us feeling drained and depleted, with our go-to beauty products out of bounds due to our growing bumps and haywire hormones. We have been there done that, and boy do we wish The 6 Essentials, a curation of beauty products and treats handpicked for mums to be, had been around when we were expecting. 

This week we caught up with co-founder Mary to hear about the women behind this ingenious brand. 

Tell us about your company - what do you do/offer/sell and who to?

The 6 Essentials is a premium gift and subscription box service for new and expectant mums. Each of our gift boxes contains 6 carefully curated products for each stage of pregnancy and into motherhood. All of the products are completely centred on the mother – think skincare, beauty, relaxation and luxurious treats. All the products are full size, no samples or sachets, and are genuinely useful! We sell stand alone gift boxes for women during pregnancy and after baby's arrival, and also have a subscription package that delivers up to 4 boxes throughout pregnancy.

What gave you the idea?

Mary found pregnancy a real challenge. Aching limbs, nausea and the endless hormonal changes left her feeling really drained and low. She subscribed to a few beauty subscription boxes, but found that most of the products weren't relevant or wanted, and sat on her dressing table completely unused.

We're cousins and were catching up one day after the birth of Mary's daughter, and the idea of a subscription box for women who were expecting naturally developed. It was really important that the box provided pregnant women with products that were actually useful, that catered to changing bodies and the influx of hormones, whilst most importantly giving them a much-needed boost. At the time, I had a business myself and we decided we could work together and pool our knowledge to create something amazing. I found out I was pregnant a few months later so got to experience all the highs and lows myself while we developed the business.

Was this always your main career or did you make a change/start over?

We both left our main day jobs after having children. Mary worked in HR and I worked in Fashion, so running a business together in this field was a new experience for us.

The Growing Bump Box - £65

What are you most proud of about your brand?

We frequently receive feedback from our customers about how much they've loved each of the products in our gift boxes, and it's so lovely to hear. We spent a lot of time curating the products so to get that positive reaction from people buying gifts or treating themselves makes us really proud, and tells us we're getting something right!

To build a business up from scratch with (at the beginning) a 1.5-year-old and a 5-month-old makes us super proud too. It's been tough, but we've come a long way in between feeding, nap times, toddler tantrums, sleepless nights and marathon training.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a female founder/woman in business?

Juggling childcare and work is and was always going to be the biggest challenge for us.  A demanding toddler and an incredible needy baby made things really hard, but we've been strict with setting aside time and roped in grandparents. We know we're very lucky that there are two of us to share the load - we certainly have a lot of admiration for women managing the juggle on their own.

And what is the best thing about being a working woman?

We are able to develop and grow a business that we really believe in whilst looking after our children at the same time. We're very ambitious and have big plans for the future, and being able to spend as much time as possible with our children whilst we move things forward is something we feel very fortunate to be able to do.

Can you give us an idea of how your role as a mother has shaped your career? 

Becoming a mother was the catalyst for our business so it has shaped everything we've done. The essentials that we've chosen have been tried and tested by us and we think as mothers ourselves, we have a pretty good idea of what expectant women want and need during their pregnancies and after a baby's born. It was scary to walk away from full time (and paid!) jobs and to basically take on two even more demanding jobs, but as the cliche goes 'if you don't try, you won't succeed'.

What’s next for your brand?

Long term, we'd love to become the go-to website for pregnant women and new mothers. In the meantime, we're constantly working on our core product, adding exciting new brands and growing our corporate gifting side for staff and clients.

To subscribe to The 6 Essentials head over to the6essentials.com and for some serious new mummy inspo check out their instagram @the6essential . New mummies-to-be: you are welcome!!!